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  • Французский бульдог. Питомник Из Веселой Семейки
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    About us

         The first acquaintance to breed has occurred at me in 1984. I have gone with the friend (Pogodina Victoria) to Moscow for a puppy of the French bulldog.
    For that time it there was a small breed. This french bulldog by name санта has appeared magnificent manufacturer and from are viscous in Moscow with Bun - Bungo-Greeem "the son of well-known Ljaskar de Mjunda"
    The first was born my фпанц a bulldog of Bitenbou-Sanvi. It the dog who since first day has shaken me by unusual character and mind was unique.
    For that time it was not only show by a dog but also the magnificent manufacturer what it is possible to judge on old photos.

         From this point on all my life is connected with these unusual dogs.Each French bulldog is the outstanding personality and to me brings a great pleasure. Dialogue with this breed, in the morning with a coffee mug in an environment of favourite dogs or on walk when they an oar snuffling rush round me.

         It is known on how many they are affectionate to owners and badly transfer the separate maintenance. ПOn it our dogs live dreams and it is possible to name our nursery small house nursery.
    Cultivation of the French bulldogs is considered one of the most difficult on it we try to approach responsibly in purchase of dogs, to selection of pairs, collecting the information on nurseries.
    And manufacturers, we watch changes in breed. Also my favourite Frenchmen have reduced me with a considerable quantity of remarkable people which are enamoured in breed and in a consequence became my best Friends.

         Earlier I had been wrote articles film logic editions and they are resulted more low.

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